Release, Hold Harmless, and Indemnification Waiver for the Crystal South Surf Camp Program

I agree that I am the parent of; guardian of; guardian of the moment; or camper, who is a camper (hereinafter “camper”) in the Crystal South Surf Camp program for the current year .  In entrusting this “camper“ to the temporary care of Crystal South Surf Camp, I understand that this “camper” will be expected to participate in activities that are often considered dangerous, including activities such as: SURFING WAVES IN THE  OCEAN and if applicable, TRAVEL TO DISTANT SURFING DESTINATIONS except as I explicitly prohibit this “camper”  from participation in these activities.

I understand that this “camper” will be trained and supervised in skills appropriate to these activities by persons qualified to train and supervise these activities.


The risk of injuries from the activities involved in this program include potential head, neck and other injury, including paralysis and death and while particular rules, equipment, and personal discipline may reduce such risk, the risk of serious injury does exist; and

• I KNOWINGLY AND FREELY ASSUME ALL SUCH RISKS, both known and unknown and assume full responsibility for my (or this “camper‘s” ) participation; and

• I (or this “camper”) willingly agree to comply with the stated and customary terms for participation. If however, I (or this child) observe any unusual significant hazard during my (or this child’s)  presence or participation, I will remove myself (or this child) from participation and bring such to the attention of the nearest supervisor immediately; and

• I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, assigns, personal representatives and next of kin, custodian or legal guardian, HEREBY indemnify, defend, hold harmless, release, remise, acquit and forever discharge CRYSTAL SOUTH SURF CAMP, Town of Wrightsville Beach, Jo R. Pickett, George Edward Pickett V, and Staff, and each its stockholders, directors, officers, employees, members, managers, partners, agents, attorneys, representatives, affiliates, insurers, successors, and assigns, its’ insurers, its’ agents and volunteers, other participants, in its’ camping programs, and each of them (each an “Indemnitee”), of and from any and all manner of actions, suits, claims, demands, damages, liabilities, obligations, sums of money, debts, judgments, bonds, liens, dues, and executions of every nature, kind and description whatsoever, whether known or unknown, fixed or contingent, and whether suspected or unsuspected, either at law, in equity or otherwise, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs, which may arise under and by virtue of the laws of any jurisdiction, relating, whether directly or indirectly, to (i) Operator’s operation of the Camp, and specifically including, without limitation, any claim for property loss or damage or death or physical injuries which any person may sustain arising out of or related to such person’s use and/or enjoyment of the Camp, and (ii) the breach by Operator of any of the covenants made by Operator in this agreement.  Indemnitee may defend any such action or proceeding with attorneys of Indemnitee’s own choosing.

HEALTH: Any health or other conditions of this “camper” which would affect his/her participation or risk of injury in the indicated activities must be disclosed prior to the beginning of camp.

PHOTO RELEASE: You agree to permit use of camper‘s photograph for advertising, internet web site and other  promotional use by  Crystal  South Surf Camp; unless specifically excluded   prior to the beginning of camp or lesson.

NON-COMPETE: The instructional techniques, descriptive language and methods used are proprietary. I agree not to use this information for instructional purposes until I have attended the Crystal South School of Surfing Instruction, which school is expressly for the purpose of teaching surfing instructors how to teach.

RELEASE, INDEMNIFY, AND HOLD HARMLESS:  I agree that I have read this agreement, and enter into this agreement willingly on behalf of this “camper” or anyone who could claim damages on a child’s behalf, including myself, and any parent of the “camper” who is my spouse or not.  If you are the guardian or guardian of the moment having been given this authority by their legal guardian or parent, you assume any and all risk personally and release all parties named above.

This is a LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT DOCUMENT, copy furnished on request.

Fees for this camp must be paid in full at the start of the first day of camp to guarantee your space and to assist us with accommodating your board rental.

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