Puerto Rico, the island of enchantment, offers adventurous surfers a variety of surf from cruisey long board walls to dicey slabs. Magical blue water waves wrap this island gem, enticing us to enjoy high performance surfing. I consider myself fortunate to be included in the cadre of local surfers, who welcome me and my guests. Our local guides share their favorite waves with us, steering clear of crowds.
Cultural activities include visiting the Arecibo museum, which houses the world’s largest radio telescope, as well as an educational museum with meteorites and audio tutorials on the origin of the universe. The gift shop offers many keepsakes. In the surrounding hills, the karst limestone formations have created window caves, offering stunning views of the river valleys below. You may even notice evidence of the native Taino population.
Old San Juan charms tourists with its old fort and Spanish colonial architecture. Nearby, rainforest El Junque provides hiking opportunities in its protected reserve. Other attractions include bioluminescent bays, coffee plantations, waterfalls, and diving.
Food options include many culinary specialty restaurants supplied by local organic farmers, and local fishermen supply fresh seafood. Crashboats, a favorite beach frequented by locals and tourists, showcases vendor stalls selling and serving fish, chicken, and fresh fruit drinks.

Jo’s tips
What to bring:
In addition to surf gear, sunscreen, flip flops, bring light weight clothing and a light jacket for cooler nights when the trade winds blow Also, bring a wetsuit vest or top just in case the 74 degree water seems chilly. If you plan to hike, bring appropriate gear.
You can bring your own. I rent from several providers who offer and extensive array of long and short boards.