Exploring Central America surf destinations for many years now, I am focusing on El Salvador, where high quality surf offers optimal performance benefits! El Salvador’s wave season extends March thru November, providing semisecret coves and beach breaks that my local friends welcome us to share. I collaborate with local providers to combine affordable lodging with photo and video packages of your surfing experience, accessing local wave knowledge of the experts who live here!
Customized trips include transportation and lodging while in El Salvador, photo and video of your surfing, and coaching. Many point break and beach break opportunities exist, depending on swell angle and surfers’ ability.
Because of El Salvador’s small geographic size and well maintained road system, cultural and outdoor activities abound. For example, after surfing a perfect point break all morning, travel by car for an hour to explore Mayan ruins, or hike up to a volcano, or visit a museum in the capital San Salvador (if you can tear yourself away from the coast!). En route, enjoy the city of Santa Tecla with its Spanish colonial architecture.
Meet and converse with indigenous people (Nahuan), visit coffee plantations, zip line through the canopy, wander along the beach, watch incredible night lightning displays….you get the idea.

Jo’s tips:
What to bring:
light weight clothing for warm weather, a rash guard or t shirt that you can surf in, hiking shoes / sandals, flip flops, a flashlight or headlamp, a smile, and a few hundred dollars spending money
Should I bring a board and what kind:
If you want to develop skills, bring your own board. I have access to a few short boards, fun boards, and long boards, but a limited selection. Please contact me about airline surfboard baggage fees.
We will have opportunities to shop with local craftsmen:
Niebla the painter (Salvador Dali style), local shamans with jewelry, hammock vendors and potters selling their wares. Also, local boat guides and surfers offer photo and video packages, using high quality equipment. Purchasing these media memories brings your trip home with you in a tangible way.