Our most popular summer package is the week long daytime surf camp. It is open to individuals of all ages and any experience level. We provide all of our students with surfboards that will fit their exact surfing needs. All of our beginners will use our softtop surfboards to avoid any injuries and ensure the most amount of fun! Students are also welcome to bring their own equipment if they wish to learn on those as well.

The week will begin with an on the beach orientation that focuses on safety in the ocean, paddling technique, popping up, and proper surf stance and etiquette. Students will then be divided into small groups made up of 3 students per instructor. This 3 to 1 ratio ensures that students will get the individual attention they need from their professional instructor.

Throughout the week, students will be guided and coached into waves by their instructors while receiving tips and advice so that they progress as quickly as they can. By the end of your week with us, students will know how to catch, stand up, and ride a wave all by themselves and how to be safe while doing it. We will have our professional photographer there to capture all of the action!

The week will end with an optional just for fun surf contest and award ceremony where every student will receive a Surf Camp T-shirt and recognition of their aquatic accomplishments.

Crystal  South Surf Camp is a family owned and operated camp and as such, we encourage family and friends to come and enjoy the beach while watching their loved ones discover their love for the ocean. You will leave our surf camp not just as a surfer but as a member of our Crystal South Family. Some of our students find it hard to leave and come back week after week throughout the summer. We hope that all of our students come back year after year! Stay in touch with us through our social media outlets on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


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