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    Learning to Surf

    Nothing Like Fun in the Sun

    I began developing Crystal South Surf Community when I taught my first group of youngsters – my own children. Since then, I have mentored, coached, cajoled, and encouraged hundreds of aspiring surfers, young and old. I have revised my logo to reflect this occupation, which I consider the most important. When we surf, we stand alone – or so we may think. In order to achieve success in this endeavor, we meet on the beach, discuss conditions, paddle out together, and hoot each other into waves. We are not alone. When we finish a session, we share our follies and our triumphs.
    In 1996, I began teaching surfing as a “business”. In 1975, when I first paddled out at Crystal Pier, I felt the essence of community that surfers share. I am continuing a tradition of commitment to surfing, and sharing this bond with our surfing family, both at Wrightsville Beach and beaches across the globe.
    Many of us share this vision, and enjoy the energy of the ocean and the company of friends.
    ~Jo Pickett